Lou has wrestled with a big ball of tangled Christmas lights for the last time!  He is grabbing the sunblock, his Elvis in Paradise album, and his wife Carol, and hopping on the Pineapple Express to Hawaii!   Escaping New Jersey, the freezing cold, his nutty family, and most of all the holidays is exactly what Lou plans to do.  However, a freak snowstorm leaves the couple stranded in the airport and their dream of sipping Pina Coladas on the beach is in peril.   Will a couple of unexpected characters help restore Lou’s Christmas Spirit in the St. Nick of time?  3 Men, 3 Women


2015 2nd Street Theater, OR – Sold Out Run
2016 The Tower Theater, OR
2017 Equity Library Theatre of NYC – Stage Reading
2017 The Little Fish Theater, CA
2018 The James Downing Theater, Chicago
2019 The Sunriver Stars Community Theater, OR

2023 Cascade Theatrical Company, OR

2024 Brunswick Little Theatre, NC

2024 Trackside Theater, VA