While taking pictures of the fall colors, young aspiring photographer Norah unknowingly snaps photos of Jennifer Lopez in a compromising position behind a tree in Central Park.  Her best friend Ally convinces her that the pictures will not only make her rich, but will help launch her photography career.  A bidding war ensues between The National Enquirer and TMZ for the photos, and Norah begins to dream of paying off student loans and trips to Paris with her potential windfall.  But a visit from JLo’s lawyer, threatening a lawsuit, quickly follows.  As her moral compass starts to spin, a visit from the superstar herself, forces Norah to question how far she is willing to go in order to advance her own career, only by tarnishing another.  I Shot Jennifer Lopez invites the question – what would you do?

Cast Requirement:  3 Men, 4 Women


2016 2nd Street Theater
2019 Raven Players, CA – Stage Reading