Helen Wheeler is a gun totin’ and whiskey drinking Granny, living in the small town of Crockett, Oklahoma.  When Helen isn’t locked up in the local clink, she’s on her front porch shootin’ up critters and the local kids.  Not even the local sheriff, who has already taken away all of her ammo and her driver’s license, can manage to uphold the law when it comes to Helen, her sidekick Zona, and their daily “Thelma and Louise” antics.  Helen’s son Nelson thinks it’s time for Mama to move out of Crockett and closer to him.  But, her dearly departed husband practically built that town and was the mayor for over 20 years, and she isn’t going anywhere. Loss, loneliness and the threat to independence that accompany aging are issues that Helen and the other characters wrangle with zany comedy and touching realism.  Helen on Wheels is a delightful heartwarming new comedy proving that feisty old ladies have the right to cause hell, play bingo and to bear arms.  Cast Requirement: 3 Men, 2 Women


2014 2nd Street Theater, OR – Sold Out Run
2015 Finalist – Route 66 Theatre Company New Play Workshop (Chicago)
2018 Santa Clara Players, CA
2018 Best Medicine Rep, MD – Stage Reading
2019 Quarter Finalist – SouthWest Theatre Productions 2019 Playwriting Competition (TX)
2019 Best Medicine Rep, MD (Sept. 13-Oct. 6)
2020 Pigs Do Fly Productions, FL (March 5-April 5)