I laughed so hard it hurt. There were tears of great enjoyment running down my face. But while the very cleverly written fast paced dialogue never allowed a second for boredom, the true brilliance was that there were some very important beneficial messages conveyed that encouraged further reflection, thought, and even a chuckle, long after the play was over. Great job Cricket Daniel!” – Father James Radloff

COUPLE DATING- A BIG BLAST!┬áThe story is so relatable while at the same time being outrageously audacious! So delightfully entertaining on so many levels. Lots of humor and heart ! Kudos to a wonderful ensemble of actors who deliver the goods with finesse and spunk. Congratulations to Cricket and director Susan Benson for hitting the comedy ball right out of the park!” – Patricia Del Ruth

“Couple Dating was the first time I could convince my theater hating hubby to attend a play. He laughed out loud several times! It was a game changer for us. Thank you Cricket and your amazing talent.” – Susan Dosier

“I attended the play over the weekend and enjoyed it immensely. I don’t know how many times I burst out laughing. The timing of the actors was fantastic. Kudos to the entire cast and crew and, of course, to the author. Bravo!”

“I haven’t laughed so much in years! I have seen more nudity on Tv and heard worse language on Tv. This play is a HOOT and I hope this author does more. How great is this a writer from here in Oregon and our local community actors and staff stepped up to put it on right here in Klamath Falls. I have seen plays in big cities, this was even better!! Well worth the time.”

“Bravo for Cricket Daniel’s play, Couple Dating. It was hilarious, surprising, thoughtful, and just plain fun. I am grateful for Klamath Falls premiering the play, so that I could see it! Thank you”

“Nudity? You call that nudity? It was a guy in his underwear. Okay it was a “banana hammock” but that’s less offensive than “tighty whities” at least to me. I’ve seen more nudity on prime-time television. The play is funny and well done. … And as the poster clearly states “NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN.”

“COUPLE DATING at the Linkville, which I saw and enjoyed on Saturday evening, made me think of an updated and slightly edgy version of “The Honeymooners”, in which Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows played Ralph and Alice Kramden, a Brooklyn couple who had their own way of dealing with each other. In this case, Kadance Connolly and Mat Landsiedel are the very talented actors who play “Tess” (nee “Alice”) and “Bobby” (nee “Ralph”)and what a pleasure it is to watch their performances. As for any controversy over language or partial nudity, take it or leave it, but don’t bother complaining about it! The theater does its best to try to advise patrons about the content of its productions and it AIN’T in fine print! Furthermore, any male willing to take his clothes off in public and strip down to a g-string, or a woman down to bra and panties (and high black leather boots), gets my applause . . . and, startlingly funny it was! The collective gasp of disbelief from the audience is worth the price of admission alone! I say, don’t miss this very entertaining evening!”

“What a riot! This show is hilarious. While it is a little long (it’s a three act play with two intermissions) at least you definitely get your money’s worth. Yes, the show is not appropriate for children, as the poster suggests, (and probably not appropriate for the feint of heart either!) but it is appropriate for anyone with a good sense of humor. I highly recommend it.”